Victor Israel Villamar Ortega
Victor Israel Villamar Ortega
  • Born in Guayaquil Ecuador
  • 31 years, musician, drummer.
  • Classical percussion at the Conservatory Antonio Neumann jazz and Technology in Contemporary Music Conservatory Rimsky Korsakov
  • I have spent studying the bases creating a practical method both musically and technically, it has helped me in different musical styles and resources that I apply to my performance without losing my musicality, being very clear that we are more than Drummers
  • Drummer and composer for Menora band
  • Official Band CEPAD (International Artists)
    Ø Tours with International Singers
    Ø Rene Gonzales (Puerto Rico)
    Ø Julissa (USA)
    Ø David Scarpetta (Colombia)
    Ø Luigi Castro (Costa Rica) with Claudio Freydzon Crusade (Argentine)
    Ø Ø Juan Carlos Alvarado (Guatemala)
    Ø Jacob Ramos (Puerto Rico)
    ØMichael Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
    ØCarolina la O (Miami)
    ØPhillips Jones (Colombian)
    ØMakano (Republica Dominicana)

I love Mapex, powerful sound in each Drum with the best modern system in hardware and beauty in all its designs

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