Matt Halpern Periphery, Bandhappy

Artists Facts:

Nationality: USA
Influences:My students and fans | My dogs | My friends and fellow musicians
Mac or PC:Mac
iPhone or Android:iPhone
Twitter or Facebook:Both
Favorite Food:Chicken Cheesesteak and Fries
Favorite Drink:Water
Favorite Car:Chevy Tahoe
Favorite Book:The Survivors Club
Favorite TV Show:Sopranos
Favorite Band:Too many to name!
Favorite Venue:Wembley
Favorite Song:Too many to name!
Favorite Hobby:Entrepreneurship, good food, and spending time with my dogs
Favorite Chartoon Character:The Crow Comic
Beatles or Stones:Beatles
Ketchup or Mustard:Ketchup
Boxers or Briefs:Briefs

Artist Bio:

Gear Rider