Matrix Open
Matrix Open
WGI Independent

"The commitment that EVERY person at Mapex and Majestic has to not only making incredible instruments but also providing an incredible experience to the students/ performers is unmatched in the industry.  The combination of great products and exceptional people make all the difference!"

Banded Story:

Matrix World had only been a part of the Mapex/ Majestic family for a year when we decided we wanted to add an Open ensemble to our organization.  Without hesitation Chris Hankes and Jeff Mulvihill we right there to help.  From our first time in Open class finals (2016), and every finals day since, one of my favorite things is when Jeff and Chris walk into our warm up and I get to remind them that without their support we would never have existed. They will forever be BANDED with us!

Artist Bio:

Matrix Open has been a WGI Open Class finalist every year since our inception in 2016.  Matrix Open was the 2018 WGI Open Class Gold Medalist and the 2019 WGI Open Class Silver Medalist.

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