Chris Adler/ Warbird BPDLMW2550LWH

The new "Warbird" is an optimized version of the original Black Panther model, with a unique 12" diameter and a Maple/Walnut hybrid shell. This updated version still has a sharp and aggressive attack, with an amazing bite. The new staggered lug design adds an enormously wide tuning range and the Puresound snares give unparalleled sensitivity, with a dark, punchy and explosive sound.

Chris Adler/ Warbird BPDLMW2550LWH

SAS (SONIClear Attenuation System) Finish

The Natural Satin SAS Finish brings out the beautiful character of the woods used in the drums but also allows the shell to vibrate fully due to its extremely low-mass application. Thicker finishes like high-gloss add mass to the shell and shorten sustain. Future Design Lab models may employ a thicker finish to create a more focused sound.



Allowing the drumhead to sit flatter on the shell, making better contact. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range. For the serious player, the increased head-to-edge contact increases shell vibration, allowing the sonic nuances of the hybrid shell to stand out.


The inward flange and extra weight of the Sonic Saver hoops help to focus and control the sound of the drums. The projection is more "down" than "out" and will provide more of a "vintage" or closed tone.


Based on the proprietary SONIClear™ Attenuation System (SAS) sonic effect scale developed through the Mapex Design Lab. From SAS 0 to 3, the selection on the finishes giving the snare drum a distinctive sound by the individual artist.


The elegant design of the Black Panther lug has been revised by the Design Lab to form the new Master Tune Lug. The first truly “Locking Tube Lug”, the Master Tune Lug utilizes a small body for the least amount of metal-to-wood contact. A Design Lab-exclusive pressured locking mechanism is outfitted on every lug to keep the drum in tune, show after show.


The venting is key to the feel and the overall resonance of the shells. Through painstaking testing, each Chamber Specific approach has led to a formula of multiple vent holes in BP
Design Lab snare drums. These air flow vents are placed at the *Nodal line with the lugs, so as to not affect the resonance of the shells.


Size 12" x 5.5"
Shell 6-Ply Walnut/Maple (5.1mm)
Finish SAS0 Satin Natural Walnut
Edges 45˚SONIClear™ Batter Side, 35˚SONIClear™ Snare Side
Snare Bed 2.3mm Deep x 3.5” Width
Air Vents 3 (Triangle)
Hoops Sonic Saver™ Hoops with Black Brushed Finish
Lug Casings Staggered Locking I-Lugs
Throw-Off Trick GS007
Snare Wires Puresound P1216
Drumheads EVANS Power Center Reverse Dot Batter / 300 Snare Side
Model No BPDLMW2550LWH
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