Falcon 1000 Series Boom Stands

Falcon is a complete line of pro-level hardware with the features and conveniences needed by pros in the studio, on tour, or in the woodshed. With memory markings on the boom tilter and a Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter with 360 degree rotation ability, the boom stand is all about simplicity and convenience.

Falcon 1000 Series Boom Stands


The single-point adjustment and position markings on the boom arm tilter make set-up easy and consistent from gig to gig.

The hideaway boom arm allow for compact storage and enable both straight and boomed set-up.

The Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter rotates 360 degrees, allowing omni-directional cymbal angling without having to loosen the boom arm.


BF1000 3-Tier Boom Stand
Bracing Double-Braced
Tilter Super-Glide Stepless Tilter
Wingnut Lockable Quick-Release Wingnut
Boom Arm Adjuster Single-Point Boom Arm Adjuster
Boom Arm Hide-Away


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