Concept Hybrid: DARK / RUSTIC / THROATY

The all-mahogany shell and reinforcement rings of the Heartbreaker snare blend the historic snare drum tone with a modern snare design. It combines the dark, rustic, and throaty sounds of rock classics, but easily fits with today's more organic alternative styles.



SAS (SONIClear Attenuation System) Finish

The Natural Satin SAS Finish brings out the beautiful character of the woods used in the drums but also allows the shell to vibrate fully due to its extremely low-mass application. Thicker finishes like high-gloss add mass to the shell and shorten sustain. Future Design Lab models may employ a thicker finish to create a more focused sound.


Concept Hybrid

The Black Panther Design Lab identifies a combination of performance characteristics, called a “concept hybrid”, desired by top players based on their advanced live and studio needs. We then reverse engineer those performance characteristics by blending different tone woods, bearing edge profiles, counterhoop styles, lug casings, snare wires, drumheads, and shell finishes to achieve the desired result.

Mahogany Shell

The softer Mahogany shell and edge reinforcement rings of the Heartbreaker snare give significant boosts in the 150-400 Hz frequency range, creating a big and full sound that takes up a lot of sonic space.

SONIClear™ Bearing Edge

The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge is standard on all Black Panther Design Lab Shells and allows the drumhead to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a clearer fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range.

Puresound® Custom Series 16-Strand Wires

The Puresound® Custom Series 16-Strand Wires feature medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced standard coils, providing an even balance between snare response and shell sound.

Cylinder-Drive Strainer and Butt-End Adjuster

The Cylinder-Drive Strainer and Butt-End Adjuster use a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation. The adjustment dial employs “micro-lock” technology that provides precise control and prevents the snare wires from loosening during play.


Size: 14” x 6”
Shell: 8-ply 8mm Mahogany, 4-ply 4mm Mahogany Reinforcement Rings, Dual Air Vents
Finish: Natural Satin SAS Finish (SONIClear™ Attenuation System)
Edges: 45° SONIClear™ Batter and Snare Side (SONIClear™ Attenuation System)
Snare Bed: 2.7mm Deep x 5½” Width Tapered Snare Beds
Hoops: Sonic Saver™ 10-Lug Hoops with Brushed Black-Chrome Finish
Lug Casings: Black Panther Single-Screw Lugs with Brushed Black-Chrome Finish
Snare Wires: Puresound™ Custom Series 16-Strand Stainless Steel Coils with Copper End-Plates
Drumheads: Remo® Coated Ambassador X Batter, Remo® Clear Ambassador Snare Side
Model No: BPMH460LNW
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