Mapex Drum Rug

Stay Grounded with these Mapex Drum Rugs!

Mapex Drum Rug

Drum Rug
  • Royal Viking
  • Classic Prime
  • Renegade Vortex
  • Infinity Matrix
  • Graffiti Pop
  • Classic Contour


78" x 70" (200cm x 180cm)

Coverage for standard and larger kits.

Highly durable nylon rugs

holds up well to spikes and tread.

Non-slip rubber bottom layer

Stay Grounded


Available Models Design
PMKM-M22P09 Royal Viking
PMKM-M22P10 Classic Prime
PMKM-M22P11 Renegade Vortex
PMKM-M22P12 Infinity Matrix
PMKM-M22P13 Graffiti Pop
PMKM-M22P14 Classic Contour
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