Vlada Migric
Vlada Migric

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia where I’m currently based. I was studying drums at MDS drum school in Koblenz, Germany, and have been recording and touring both nationally and internationally since the mid-nineties. I am currently a member of the seminal band Kiki Lesendric i Piloti, with whom I regularly tour Europe as well as North America (USA and Canada). I am a first call Blues/Americana session and festival drummer in Serbia and the region, supporting artists from the USA (Lance Lopez), Germany (Blues Company, Zed Mitchell), Australia (Diva Demolition), UK (Mick Clarke, Todd Sharpville) and many more. In addition to my professional music career as a touring drummer/recording artist, I am also an educator.

I play Mapex Saturn drums and Black Panther snares because they provide an excellent sound while roadworthy and with top shelf hardware.

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