Samuel Henriques
Samuel Henriques

Samuel was born on April 21, 1978, in Torres Novas - Portugal, having inherited the genes of his love for music from his father (bassist).

At the age of 6, wanting to go further in his musical knowledge, he asked his parents to study music. He therefore entered the Choral Phydellius conservatory, where he studied for 6 years, with the piano as his main instrument.

At the age of 12, he formed his first band with a group of friends. As no one in the group knew how to play the drums, Samuel decided to play that instrument. From that time on, he dedicated himself to playing the drums, being self-taught in his learning.

During several years of his adolescence, he played in covers and original bands, some with his father.

In 1996, he was invited to join the formation of an original band, Alémmar. Alémmar released their first self-titled album in 1998, beginning their national tour. The success of the single “Deixa-me Olhar” led to the achievement of a gold record and Alémmar assumed a prominent place in the Portuguese music scene. In 1999, they released their second original album “Viver” and the third in 2007, “Acreditar”. In the album “Acreditar”, his well-known theme “Deixa-me Olhar” is re-recorded with a new version, made for the generic version of the TVi soap opera “Deixa-me Amar”. With Alémmar, Samuel begins his activity as a professional musician, acquiring extensive experience on stage and in the studio.

In 2003, he was invited to join artist Adelaide Ferreira's band of musicians, having gone on her national tour that year.

He participated in several television programs and studio recordings with some national artists, notably the artist José Cid.

In 2004, he was invited by José Cid to join his Big Band, remaining his drummer to this day. With José Cid, he has participated in several record recordings, participated in the recording of the DVD – “José Cid no Campo Pequeno” and, over the last 18 years, has performed more than 800 shows in Portugal and abroad. In some of these shows he accompanied other renowned artists such as Hérman José, André Sardet, Luís Represas, Rita Guerra, Rui Pragal da Cunha (Heróis do Mar), Tó Zé Brito, conductor Mike Sergeant, Paulo Bragança, Miguel Ângelo, Nuno Barroso , Mário Mata, among others.
In 2014, he also joined José Cid in the formation of the band that presented, for the first time live, the mythical progressive rock album “10,000 years later between Vénus e Marte”, an album by José Cid recorded in 1978, acclaimed by global critics. as one of the top 100 progressive rock albums in the world. Since this presentation, until today, this show has been presented in several concert halls and festivals in the country, with some of these shows being accompanied by a symphony orchestra. He also participated in the recording of the DVD “10,000 years after between Venus e Marte – Live in Lisbon”, recorded at Coliseu dos Recreios in 2015 and in the DVD “10,000 years after between Vénus e Marte with Filarmonia Beiras Orquestra – Live in Aveiro”, in 2022.

Alongside the work he has been developing with José Cid, he is involved in other parallel musical projects, originals and covers, always remaining close to the emotions of being on stage with his awesome Mapex Kits!

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