The Mapex Drum Company set out to solve one of the biggest headaches of being a drummer; the frustrations of tuning your drums. Mapex wants drummers to spend less time tuning and be able to play more. The result of that mission is the latest innovation from Mapex: The SONIClear™ bearing edge. 

The SoniClear™ bearing edge is designed to allow the drumhead to sit flatter and which increases the contact between the drumhead and shell and allows the head to sit flat on the edge, this produces a stronger and more centered pitch and makes the drums remarkably easy to tune.


"Not a lot of effort has been made toward the improvement of the bearing edge on this level of set. The player buying his first or second set definitely needs a tuning solution allowing them to be able to tune quicker and be able to play more. Specifically, players have had a difficult time tuning their drums and making them sound good because the apex of the edge is too far to the outside of the shell and they can't get the drumhead to sit flat" states Mike Robinson, Director of Marketing for KHS America. "The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge enables players to get a great sound even without much tuning experience. This is a truly significant breakthrough that all our customers will benefit from." 

The SoniClear™ bearing edge comes standard on all new Mars and Armory drum kits and will be available in stores in March of 2014.