Mapex Drums is proud to welcome Kirk Covington to the Mapex roster of artists and is pleased to announce that he will be among the first to showcase the new Black Panther Design Lab series of drums.

Covington is widely recognized as an eclectic chameleon of talent, known for being one of the world’s most versatile and dynamic drummers in the world, while also performing as an accomplished vocalist and keyboard player. This was echoed by Mapex Artist Relations Manager Bob Terry, who says of Covington, “Kirk never ceases to amaze me, not only as a drummer, but his keyboard playing and voice are nothing short of amazing!”
Covington’s vocal intricacies, infinite energy and his crowd-pleasing personality are a driving force behind the success of the world-renowned jazz fusion group Tribal Tech, where his drumming virtuosity is featuring alongside guitarist Scot Henderson, bassist Gary Willis, and keyboardist Scott Kinsey.
Interestingly, Kirk has chosen to utilize both newly introduced Black Panther Design Lab platforms. When introduced to these innovative new drums, Kirk’s enthusiasm was evident. “After hearing and playing these kits, I immediately had to have both the Versatus and Cherry Bomb drums to cover the spectrum of music that I create. The Black Panther Design Lab team created the perfect hybrid Versatus shells for a modern vibe, but the Cherry Bomb is perfect for jazz or rock ‘n’ roll.” Covington continues, “These kits are without a doubt, the best sounding drums that I have ever played!”
Showcasing the highest level of MAPEX design and manufacturing capabilities, Black Panther Design Lab drums leverage 30 years of drum making experience and extensive knowledge of the science of sound to bring new sonic concepts to life. Through the Sound First methodology of the Concept Hybrid approach, these drums provide an unparalleled opportunity to create uniquely tailored instrument systems with additional innovative options allowing the artist to further adapt the sound to their personal style.


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