Mapex MyDentity Custom Drums is excited to announce the September 2012 clinic tour with Modern Drummer Readers Poll winner Matt Halpern. Matt will be highlighting his unique playing style, discussing his approach to playing complex rhythms while maintaining a solid groove, the importance of drum instruction, and how to coexist with band-mates on the road.

A Baltimore native, Matt started playing the drums at the age of 3. With private lessons, Matt acquired a deep knowledge of drumming and a love for playing all genres of music. At a young age Matt was performing throughout the Northeast weekly. After college Matt toured extensively with many bands and eventually joined up with instrumental group, Animals as Leaders. From there Matt had the opportunity to join progressive metal band Periphery, and he's been with them ever since performing and touring all over the world.

Matt is highly regarded as a very active drum instructor and participant in the expansion of music education. In 2008, Matt founded Bandhappy the only online market place for live music lessons from musicians from all over the world. With Bandhappy, fans and musicians can take lessons with their favorite artists and teachers via custom video chats. Matt is currently gearing up for summer festivals with Periphery in Europe.

"We are thrilled that Matt is part of the Mapex family and he has chosen Mapex MyDentity Drums to play on the road and for these clinics", said Joe Hibbs with Mapex Drums. "His distinctive style coupled with his uncanny grasp of simple and complex rhythms identifies him as one of the new leading voices of the drumming world".

Clinic participants will also have a chance to customize and win a MyDentity snare drum. Participants should look for information at the clinic on how to enter to win.

To find out more about the Mapex MyDentity drums, view Matt Halpern as he gives a tour of the Mapex MyDentity shop and tells us about his experience with the product.

Matt will be performing and teaching at the following
Elite Mapex Mydentity locations:

9/6/2012 - Thursday @ 7:30 PM - KEN STANTON MUSIC - Alpharetta, GA (Gregg Bissonette)
9/9/2012 - Sunday @ 4:00 PM - BENTLEY'S - Fresno, CA
9/10/2012 - Monday @ 7:00 PM - DRUM WORLD - San Mateo, CA
9/12/2012 - Wednesday - TEACHING - DONN BENNETT DRUM STUDIO, Bellevue, WA
9/13/2012 - Thursday @ 7:00 PM - CLINIC - DONN BENNETT DRUM STUDIO, Bellevue, WA
9/17/2012 - Monday @ 8:00 PM - HIX BROTHERS, Aurora IL
9/18/2012 - Tuesday - VIC'S DRUM SHOP, Chicago, IL
9/19/ 2012 - Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - THE MUSIC STORE INC, Tulsa, Ok
9/20/2012 - Thursday @ 6:30 PM - FUNKY MUNKEY MUSIC, Shawnee Mission, KS
9/21/2012 - Friday @ 7:00 PM - WILLIS MUSIC, Florence, KY
9/22/2012 - Saturday @ 2:00 PM - DALE'S DRUM SHOP, Harrisburg, PA

Media Contact
Kevin Philbin