Mapex is proud to announce the Black Panther Design Lab series snare drums.  These professional level snares were developed with the performance needs of top players in mind and engineered to blend sound and performance with modern design.

The Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Series embodies the performance qualities desired by top players.  These distinctive instruments have been engineered using the Design Lab’s “Concept Hybrid” approach to sound design, shell composition and drum construction.  Our understanding of how different tone woods, bearing edge profiles, counterhoop styles, lug casings, snare wires, drumheads and even shell finishes can affect the acoustic performance of a drum has allowed Mapex to combine “Sound Concepts” to create unique and personal instruments for the demanding player.

There are four distinct Black Panther Design Lab Snares: 

The Equinox 14” Snare features a North American Maple shell, reinforcement rings and the classic styling of single-flanged hoops which evoke musical traditions and modern execution.  This drum possesses the controlled articulation needed to hear the most subtle ghost notes coupled with a bright and open presence at full volume.

The Heartbreaker 14” Snare is constructed of an all-mahogany shell and reinforcement rings which blend historic snare drum tone with modern snare design.  It combines the dark, rustic and throaty sounds of rock classics, but easily fits with today’s more organic alternative styles.

The Cherry Bomb 14” and 13” Snares are a re-imagined and optimized version of the original Cherry Bomb snare.  The Design Lab Cherry Bomb is crafted with a medium-thick Cherrywood shell.  The soft density of Cherry absorbs higher overtones, delivering a warm, focused tone and a punchy backbeat.  It sounds and feels vintage but is built with modern precision, reliability and function.

Each of the new Black Panther Design Lab Snares are built with the Mapex 10-lug hoops, Puresound premium snare wires, Cylinder-Drive Strainer, and SONIClear Bearing edges.