KHS-America, manufacturer and distributor of Jupiter Wind Instruments, Mapex Drums, and Majestic Percussion is excited for the upcoming premier of the new movie,
Drumline: A New Beat.

The movie is picks up years after the original Drumline movie and follows the quest of Dani Bolton to revitalize the once-prominent drumline of Atlanta A&T University and become the first female drumline section leader in the school’s history.

KHS-America, and specifically Mapex Marching Drums and Jupiter Brass instruments, were a key partner in the production of the new movie, providing a full complement of marching drums and brass instruments to outfit the fictional Atlanta A&T and their rival university band.

Watch the trailer here:

“It was a pleasure to be involved with this project and we are quite pleased with how our brands are represented in this movie,” states Rick DeJonge, Artist Relations Manager for KHS America. “Our involvement has created opportunities to form relationships with some of the musicians who participated, and we hope that the movie will ultimately create excitement and interest in participation in school music.”

Drumline: A New Beat will premiere on 9:00 pm, EST, on Monday October 27th on VH1. Check your local cable or satellite listings for channel and local times.