Saturn Evolution Hybrid Config

Hybrid-Shelled System - The combination of a maple/walnut bass drum and birch/walnut toms is our bold interpretation of today's modern drum sound. The birch toms deliver clear and punchy sounds in the high register while the maple kick produces a warm, round tone in the low end. The result is a redefined sonic identity that speaks to today's music scene.

Saturn Evolution Hybrid Config

SE446XH Powerhouse Rock 3-pc Shell Pack
Hybrid-Shelled System
  • Exotic Aegean Fade Lacquer (OE)
  • Exotic Night Forest Burst Lacquer (MZ)
  • Tuscan Red Lacquer (PA)
  • Gun Metal Grey Lacquer (PG)
  • Piano Black Lacquer (PB)
  • Exotic Azure Burst Lacquer (PT)
  • Tuscan Yellow Lacquer (PM) *Special Order
  • Iridium Silver Lacquer (PD)
  • Polar White Lacquer (PI)
  • Exotic Violet Burst Lacquer (PZ)
  • Brunswick Green Lacquer (PQ)
  • Exotic Sunburst Lacquer (PO)
HARDWARE: Chrome Hardware [C]
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SAS (SONIClear Attenuation System) Finish

The Natural Satin SAS Finish brings out the beautiful character of the woods used in the drums but also allows the shell to vibrate fully due to its extremely low-mass application. Thicker finishes like high-gloss add mass to the shell and shorten sustain. Future Design Lab models may employ a thicker finish to create a more focused sound.


Halo Mounting System

The revolutionary new "Halo" mount featured on all Saturn Evolution toms, unlocks the freedom of full resonance. Using a lateral, unique "under lug-line" suspension system, this new groundbreaking isolation mount allows the shell the freedom to have an open, pure tone. This is done with minimal stiffness usually associated with under hoop mounting systems.

Adjustment Knob

With the rubber gasket inside the mount, you can screw the knob down fully to dampen the shell resonance for a shorter decay, or back it off for a wide, open tone. In the studio, this allows you to "pre-EQ" your drums before feeding them into your plug-ins.

Birch/Walnut Hybrid Shell

First introduced as a special edition in 2012, the Birch/Walnut hybrid shell has made its return to the Saturn Evolution line with Design Lab features. The new shell formula perfectly combines the sonic characteristics of walnut with articulate punch of birch, delivering a Dark, Punchy, Dry sound.

Maple/Walnut Hybrid Shell

The iconic Saturn Maple/Walnut hybrid shell has been appointed with Design Lab features and SoniClear Attenuation System to deliver a fuller, rounder tone with bright, versatile, open sound.

Chamber Specific Design

Plies get progressively thicker, depths graduate by 1/2”, and bearing edges change as the drums get larger in diameter. The combination of all of these details creates an amazing symphony in one kit, where each and every drum sounds perfect!


Saturn Evolution
Mounting System Hybrid-Shelled System
Shell Maple/Walnut Hybrid Bass Drum, Birch/Walnut Hybrid Tom and Floor Tom
SAS 0-1 (PD, PM, PA, PG, PQ, PI, PB) 8-Ply, 7.5mm, 10 Toms
8-Ply, 8.2mm, 12 Toms, and Floor Toms
8-Ply, 8.9mm, Bass Drum
SAS 2 (MZ, OE, PO, PT, PZ) 9-Ply, 7.85mm, 10 Toms
9-Ply, 7.85mm, 10 Toms
9-Ply, 9.25mm, Bass Drum
Hardware Chrome / Black Brushed Hardware
Hoops Mapex Sonic Saver Hoops
Mapex SONIClear™ Bearing Edge: 45° on Toms, and Floor Toms
60° on Bass Drum
Air Flow Venting 2 Vent Holes on Toms and Floor Toms
4 Vent Holes on Bass Drum
Floor Tom Legs SAS Static 90 Degree Floor Tom Legs
Sonic Pedestal Floor Tom Feet


Saturn Evolution
Bass Drum
Model No. Size
SEB1814M 18 x 14, w/ BD mount
SEB1814B 18 x 14, w/ BD mount
SEB1814MA 18 x 14, no BD mount
SEB1814BA 18 x 14, no BD mount
SEB2014M 20 x 14, w/ BD mount
SEB2014B 20 x 14, w/ BD mount
SEB2016M 20 x 16, w/ BD mount
SEB2016B 20 x 16, w/ BD mount
SEB2016MA 20 x 16, no BD mount
SEB2016BA 20 x 16, no BD mount
SEB2018MA 20 x 18, no BD mount
SEB2018BA 20 x 18, no BD mount
SEB2216MA 22 x 16, no BD mount
SEB2216BA 22 x 16, no BD mount
SEB2218MA 22 x 18, no BD mount
SEB2218BA 22 x 18, no BD mount
SEB2414MA 24 x 14, no BD mount
SEB2414BA 24 x 14, no BD mount
SEGB1816M 18 x 16 Gong Bass
SEGB1816B 18 x 16 Gong Bass
Floor Tom
Model No. Size
SEF1412M 14 x 12
SEF1412B 14 x 12
SEF1414M 14 x 14
SEF1414B 14 x 14
SEF1614M 16 x 14
SEF1614B 16 x 14
SEF1616M 16 x 16
SEF1616B 16 x 16
SEF1816M 18 x 16
SEF1816B 18 x 16
Tom Tom
Model No. Size
SET807M 8 x 7
SET807B 8 x 7
SET1007M 10 x 7
SET1007B 10 x 7
SET1008M 10 x 8
SET1008B 10 x 8
SET1208M 12 x 8
SET1208B 12 x 8
SET1209M 12 x 9
SET1209B 12 x 9
SET1309M 13 x 9
SET1309B 13 x 9
SET1310M 13 x 10
SET1310B 13 x 10
SET1410M 14 x 10
SET1410B 14 x 10
SET1411M 14 x 11
SET1411B 14 x 11
Snare Drum
Model No. Size
SES4650M 14 x 6.5
SES4600B 14 x 6


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