Mapex Launches All-New 800 Series Thrones

MT. JULIET, TN, April 4, 2022… Every solid groove needs a solid foundation. Drummers anchor the band, filling dance floors and causing crowds to roar. The kick and snare drums are the sonic building blocks that make music feel good, but to lay those squarely in the pocket, everything about the feel behind the kit needs to be secure and stable.

Mapex is proud to support grooves everywhere with the introduction of the all-new 800 series thrones. Six new models for 2022 bring solid no-nonsense features for true reliability and unquestionable support. Saddle-style models with both cloth and vinyl tops feature sloped leg openings and biomechanically shaped seats with or without back rest for all playing styles and comfort choices. Round top seat models are also available for those who prefer the feel of this timeless and basic supportive style. All models feature an increased threaded spindle diameter with a newly reimagined spindle lock, bringing ultimate security and convenience of adjustment to your preferred version. The new extra-large slip-proof rubber feet are sure to anchor you in place while you groove.

Wherever the music takes you, Mapex will provide your solid foundation.

To learn more about the 800 Series drum thrones, visit:

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