Matrix World
Matrix World
WGI Independent

"Our experience year after year with the Mapex and Majestic products has been exceptional.  The commitment of the company to constantly strive to help us achieve the sound that we are looking for makes all the difference in our ability to design and succeed."

Banded Story:

Each year just before WGI World Championships, we do our "History Night".  This involves all the members and staff of Matrix World and Matrix Open as well as countless alumni that join us each year.  Over the course of that evening we watch every Matrix show in order from beginning to end and talk about the seasons.  This night is a constant reminder of the bond that our current members and alumni share as part of the Matrix family.

Artist Bio:

Matrix World was originally an Open class ensemble and was the 2000 WGI Open class bronze medalist.  After moving to world class in 2004, Matrix World has been a WGI world class finalist every year since 2005.  Matrix has traveled abroad 3 times to present clinics, and performances; traveling twice to Belgium and France in 2008 and 2012, and performing as the featured guest at the 2017 Chaiyi City International Band Festival in Chaiyi City, Taiwan.

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