Blue Knights / Ascend Performing Arts
Blue Knights / Ascend Performing Arts
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Banded Story:

"My summer spent learning from the best educators and clinicians in the world combined with the process of competing to be the very best in the world, changed who I was as a person. I continue to draw upon the lessons I learned on a daily basis, and they have certainly contributed to my professional successes."

CJ Garcia - Alumnus

Artist Bio:

Since its inception in 1958 as a parade corps, the Blue Knights have developed into a multi-faceted youth performing arts organization. Recognized as the Rocky Mountain region’s most visible performing arts organization, programs such as the internationally acclaimed Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps and the 4-time Winter Guard International Champion Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble play an important role in providing high-caliber performance ensembles for thousands of youth performers each year. Ascend Events, such as the Drums Along the Rockies and Corps Encore drum corps shows and the Friendship Cup high school marching contests, providing the stage upon which young musicians achieve excellence in performance. In 2015, Ascend Performing Arts programs, clinics and events directly impacted thousands young people engaged in the arts.

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