Over The Edge Tour - Nanning

Mapex Events


Join Rashid Williams and the Mapex Team for a  performance, in-depth discussion and debate with fellow drummer on how to create your signature sound. A close chance of interactivity with Rasid Williams.

Date: May 12 - May 12, 2015

Venue: Nanning Theater

City: Nanning City, Nanning City

- Rashid Williams Performance on Saturn V, Armory and Mars Series.
- Bearing Edge Demonstration:  Sonic Clear Edge details V.S.  Typical edge designs
- Product introduction of Saturn V, Armory, Mars line
- Discuss the addition of Sonic Clear on this level kit and evolution of Saturn
- Discuss the hybrid shells, tuning range, feel of the kit (Maple vs. Birch, etc.)
- Artist snare Demonstration and Introduction by Rashid Williams :  discuss the reasons for
  having different snares, shell sound qualities.

For More Information: http://www.gxpiao.com/YCLB150416-0005.html