David Ruberto
David Ruberto

David Ruberto is a highly acclaimed session drummer and educator hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

In 2023 alone, he achieved a remarkable feat by spending an impressive 49 weeks in the top 10 on the Australian Country Radio Chart, securing multiple number 1 positions.
Ruberto has been a touring and studio member with The Wolfe Brothers since late 2020, achieving multiple ARIA number 1 albums and radio singles not only with The Wolfe Brothers but with some of Australia’s biggest acts.

His extensive live and studio credits reflect his versatility and proficiency in collaborating with some of the biggest names in the Australian music scene.
In addition to The Wolfe Brothers, David’s live and studio credits extend to these notable artists: The legendary Lee Kernaghan, Kaylee Bell, Travis Collins, James Johnston, Taylor Moss, Amy Sheppard, and many more.

I love Mapex in and out of the studio, the sound of the drums and drive to innovate make what I do a pleasure.

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