Darnell Howard
Darnell Howard
Teyana Taylor

"I play mapex because their sound is very consistent no matter what drum head you put on it. Their drums are very versatile for any genre. Aside from the sound, the look of the shells are very immaculate and their reps are very professional."

Darnell Howard has been infatuated and intrigued with the sound of music since birth. He would bang on pots and pans and later found that drums were his calling.

At the age of 18, drums became a big major part in his life. Darnell has made his way around the NYC local club scene doing various gigs. Most recently he was presented the opportunity to play with JLo on New Years Rockin’ eve. He has also played on The TodayShow with Lipstick Gypsy & played for Teyana Taylor on Abc for WNBA All star Game . Now he has a drum studio which allows him to record for multiple projects and shows.

Today, Darnell approaches music with professionalism and skillful musicianship, making sure who ever he plays for expectations are completely met. Drums are a lifestyle for Darnell. He doesn’t fail to acknowledge the opportunity to showcase the talent was given to him from God. Music is not a hobby but it’s his passion. He continues to strive to higher heights and deeper depths, letting his musical gift open doors in his life.

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