Daniel Schreiber
Daniel Schreiber

As the tour drummer of multi-platinum artists RAF Camora & Bonez MC, Daniel Schreiber has played the biggest area stages, festivals and tours in the history of German Hip Hop & Dancehall, as part of the "Palmen aus Plastik" Tour, as well as solo tours of RAF Camora since 2016. Further, he has shared stage with locak and international acts, such as James Hersey, GZUZ & Maxwell of 187 Strassenbande, Apache 207, JUJU, Lena Mayer-Landrut, L+uciano, Kool Savas, Loredana, Bausa, Azet & Zuna, Trettmann, Capital Bra, Dhurata Dora, Summer Cem, Dendemann and Masta Ace. Together with his twin brother Bafani, A renowned guitarist and producer in his own right, with whom he collaborates and partners on most projects, they go by their name of Twintowas and The New Tower for both live and stidio productions.

I'm in love with Mapex since I bought my first Cherry Wood Black Panther Snare in 2009.

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