Andreas Dahl
Andreas Dahl

Andreas Dahl is a drummer from Kristinehamn, Värmland, Sweden.
Since 2022 he's the drummer of Swedish punk rock band MISCONDUCT.

MISCONDUCT started back in 1995 and through endless touring, the band has managed to build up a very strong and loyal fan-base all around the world. They have toured all over Scandinavia, Europe and North America together with bands like Rise Against, AFI, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag etc. which have turned the band into a very tight and well-oiled live-machine. Since the release of "One Step Closer" in 2010 and “Blood On Our Hands” in 2014 the band has also shared the stage with big names such as Papa Roach, Bring Me The Horizon, Korn, Turbonegro, Slipknot etc as well as played major festivals alongside bands like Iron Maiden, Aerosmith & Black Sabbath. In 2015 MISCONDUCT teamed up with the Godfather of Hardcore, Roger Miret from AGNOSTIC FRONT for their “Blood On My Hands” video/single which was very well received by the fans. In 2020, MISCONDUCT celebrated 25 years as a band and released their own beer as well as a Deluxe version of the since long sold out album "One Step Closer". In 2021 and 2022, the band also released two Limited Edition Vinyl LPs "Like The Old Days" (2021) and "This Is My Way" (2022) with several previously unreleased songs. In 2022/2023, MISCONDUCT did some of their biggest international shows in Germany, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, France, England etc with audiences of up to 15.000 people!

“Once at a festival show with MISCONDUCT I got a Mapex kit as a backline set and was completely blown away by the sound and feel of the drums. After this show I was completely sold on Mapex so it's a great honor to now be an official Mapex artist.

I love that the drums have a very strong body without losing any attack which is a perfect combo for me playing both heavy and really fast songs with MISCONDUCT. Maple and Walnut works extremly good together so the Mapex Saturn was an easy choice for me and also the simple fact that the beautiful Saturn series comes in black finish.”

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