The New Venus Series Complete Drum Kit

The Venus Series presents an all-inclusive setup for the first-time player ready to start the “Drummer for Life” adventure. The 100% poplar shells appointed with Mapex SONIClear™ bearing edges produce rich tones from the toms, a robust crack from the snare drum and a punchy low thump from the bass drum. Outfitted with a complete set of stands and pedals, cymbals, a drummer’s throne and even a first pair of drumsticks the Venus Series is the perfect kit to have fun starting a meaningful drumming experience.



  • 9-Ply Poplar shell, 7.2mm
  • 4 wrapped finishes
  • Rock Configuration: 22BD, 10TT, 12TT, 16FT, 14SD
  • Fusion Configuration: 20BD, 10TT 12TT ,14FT, 14SD
  • B400 Boom Stand
  • S400 Snare Stand
  • H410 Hi-Hat Stand
  • P410 Bass Drum Pedal
  • 1 Pair Drumsticks
  • Hammered Brass Cymbals 14 in. Hi-hat cymbal pair
  • Hammered Brass Cymbals 18 in. Crash/Ride
  • Bass Drum Mounted Double Tom Holder
  • Remo UC drumheads
  • Matching bass drum wood hoops
  • SONIClear™ Bearing Edges


Poplar Shells: 9-Ply, 7.2mm Poplar shell offers a full, warm sound.

Mini B-Lug: Inspired by the style of B lugs from Saturn Evolution Series, the new Mini B-Lug makes tuning smooth and easy.

TH652 Double Tom Holder: Offers easy positioning, multi-angle adjustment, and user-friendly experience to get your toms set up quickly and securely.

Mapex Hammered Brass Cymbals: The 14" hammered brass hi-hat pair and the 18" hammered brass crash/ride produce a warm cymbal sound rich with harmonics fitting perfectly with most genres of music.

P410 Single Bass Drum Pedal: Features solid base plate construction for both durability and a secure comfortable performance outpacing most pedals in its class. Single chain drive with adjustable spurs, a reversable and angle adjustable beater and a full-sized footboard all for a performance worthy feel.

H410 Hi-Hat Stand: The direct-pull-chain-drive mechanism creates a smooth and responsive feel while the simple and strong hi-hat clutch keeps the top cymbal in place. The angle adjustable seat cup gives authentic hi-hat function and sound.

REMO® UC Drumheads: Venus series is equipped with REMO drumheads ensuring a pure tone from every drumshell with every stroke.

SONIClear™ Bearing Edge: Allows the head to sit flush prompting ease of tuning, increased shell resonance and optimal tonal clarity.


Aqua Blue Sparkle

Galaxy Black Sparkle

Blue Sky Sparkle

Crimson Red Sparkle


5 Piece Fusion Complete Setup

5 Piece Rock Complete Setup

Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series
Venus Series




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