Nigel Maynard Endurance Music Group, Natasha Waterman/ MaynStreet Music/Long and McQuade

Artists Facts:

Nationality: CANADA
Influences:Jesus Christ | My Wife | Family
Mac or PC:Mac all the way baby...
iPhone or Android:Android
Twitter or Facebook:Facebook
Favorite Food:Curry Goat Roti!
Favorite Drink:SkyJuice (many will not know what that is) Cranberry Orange Juice - Bailey's is nice too.. shoot..
Favorite Car:..not sure why I am still partial to Jaguars -- but I like SUV's too.. (I carry drums and sometimes PA gear after all)
Favorite Book:The Bible
Favorite TV Show:Cosby Show - forever lives on man...
Favorite Band:..right now I am jonesing on Isreal Houghton and Snarky Puppy
Favorite Venue:..anywhere that sound good, and good peeps I can work with..
Favorite Song:.dagnabbit -- waay too many favourites boss!!!
Favorite Hobby:Photography
Favorite Chartoon Character:The Black Panther -- Mapex. LOL
Beatles or Stones:Stones
Ketchup or Mustard:Ketchup
Boxers or Briefs:..allow me to be brief...

Artist Bio:

 Nigel started banging on drums when he was around eight years old and quickly fell in love with the instrument. After a few years of child-like experimentation he became seriously hooked, not only with the creative potential he found the drums offered him, but also in the vast possibilities of music as a language for conveying emotion, excitement and energy. Nigel started of at being a mostly Hip Hop/R&B drummer, which then lead him to gospel drumming many years ago � which just blew his mind. Since then, Jazz Latin Fusion took a very strong hold of him, in which you can hear in some of his playing to this day. After attending Humber College under the tutorship of Roger Flock, Don Vickery, Paul Delong, Dave Mancuso, Rick Lazar and others, Nigel immersed himself in performance working with several regional and international musicians playing styles from jazz, latin, rock, funk, soul, calypso, reggae, congolese and others. All this has led him to perform in places from Canada, the United States, and parts of Europe, and played and/or opened for the likes of names such as Alvin Slaughter, Fred Hammond, Babie Mason, CeCe Winans, Hezikiyah Walker, Martha Munizzi and others.