Maestro LaVille Selena Gomez/Hailee Steinfeld/Conrad Sewell

Artists Facts:

Nationality: USA
Influences:Jesus Christ | My family and loved ones | My fellow peers and colleagues who use their influence positively
Mac or PC:Mac
iPhone or Android:iPhone
Twitter or Facebook:Instagram!
Favorite Food:Good Food
Favorite Drink:H20, a tasty lemonade, and yes, alcohol. Ha!
Favorite Car:Late 40's-50's Ford Deluxe Convertible
Favorite Book:The Bible
Favorite TV Show:Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, I Love Lucy, Breaking Bad
Favorite Band:Aw come on...I can't answer this question.
Favorite Venue:Any venue where the audience energy is electrifying.
Beatles or Stones:Beatles
Ketchup or Mustard:Both man!
Boxers or Briefs:Both man!

Artist Bio:

From Los Angeles to abroad, Steven J. Robinson plays one powerful beat that cannot go unheard. He's toured all over the world with the biggest names in pop music with acts such as David Archuleta, Eric Hutchinson, Conrad Sewell, Chanel West Coast, and most recently, Selena Gomez.

This Berklee College Of Music alumnus and scholarship recipient treats performing as seriously as everyday breathing; and his cannon-ball splash into the waters of performing are captivating undivided attention. Steven is a cross over artist, breaking into the acting and song writing world by way of drumming. Having made appearances as a drummer on shows like Glee, and a multitude of late night television shows, it's no surprise that TV, film, commercial and music video credits have been occupying his resume. His recent appearances in commercials for AT&T, and Footlocker/Adidas along side Snoop Lion shed light on the fact Steven J. Robinson is indeed on fire; pounding his way into the hearts of the public one beat at a time.