Lonnie Hammer Every Mother's Nightmare, Independent

Artists Facts:

Nationality: USA
Influences:Tommy Aldridge | Phil Rudd | Phil Rudd
Mac or PC:Mac
iPhone or Android:iPhone
Twitter or Facebook:Facebook
Favorite Food:My Hot Wings
Favorite Drink:Beer
Favorite Car:Chevy Camaro
Favorite Book:Off The Rails (Rudy Sarzo)
Favorite TV Show:Big Bang Theory
Favorite Band:Ozzy Osbourne
Favorite Venue:Snowden Grove Amphitheater
Favorite Song:Over The Mountain
Favorite Hobby:Woodworking
Favorite Chartoon Character:SpongeBob
Beatles or Stones:Beatles
Ketchup or Mustard:Ketchup
Boxers or Briefs:Boxers

Artist Bio:

Currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee… Lonnie was born and raised in Wakefield, Michigan, and started playing drums at the age of six. At the age of twelve he played his first paying gig, then by the age of fourteen was performing every weekend.… After graduating high school, Lonnie toured the United States and parts of Canada full time. Over the the years he has played over two thousand live shows and performed/wrote on 14 major and Independent records producing several charting national releases. He has cowrote and performed on songs used for television and sports events. Lonnie is a member of the band “Every Mother’s Nightmare” (EMN), but he has also has recorded and/or performed with bands/artists: Jack Russell’s Great White, Saliva, Shinedown, Jonah 33, 12 Stones, Chosen, Skillet, Bullet Theory, Crushing Juliet, Survivor, Chemical Zoo, and countless others.