Ced Mitchell B2K, Omarion, Alina Baraz, Nick Jonas

There's nothing like playing drums that speak to your heart; It allows you to always play from your soul. Mapex Drums, the 1 & Only.

Artists Facts:

Nationality: USA
Artist Since:2020

Artist Bio:

Being introduced to Mapex Drums was a life changing experience for me in many ways. From becoming the new MD/Drummer for Superstar Singer/Actor Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, to realizing that the company I'd be playing is the exact company of my first real snare drum as an up and coming drummer, Black Panther Sledgehammer Series. Since then, I've been blessed to play and arrange for artist such as Blackbear, Alina Baraz, Lolo Zouai, Dinah Jane, B2K and Omarion. Mapex has been home for me for the past 5 Years, holding True and Strong.
My journey with the company has shown me as an artist the values of Family and Connection. Teaching more than just drums is a standard that Mapex continues to uphold; and for that i will continue to express my artistry through them. To stay updated on Me & My Mapex, follow me on Instagram @cedm3