The Saturn V is Matt Halpern’s touring and recording drum kit of choice.....

Fat, dense floor toms, clear and focused rack toms, and a bass that kicks you in the chest...these drums have what it takes for Matt to deliver the complex rhythms and monster grooves that drive Periphery.



• Shells/Toms: 2.75mm 3-ply exotic veneer + 1.7mm 2-ply American  
  maple exterior + 1.7mm 2-ply walnut interior

• Shells/Bass: 2.7mm 3-ply exotic veneer + 2.4mm 2-ply American

   maple exterior + 2.4mm 2-ply walnut interior

• SoniclearTM Bearing Edge

• SoniclearTM Tom Holders

Matt Performed on Agora Stage  with Saturn V MH Exotic in Deep Water Maple Burl kit.

" The deep blue burst over the maple burl veneer creates the sensation of the chasm opening up before your eyes, inviting you to dive into and explore its depths. Still waters run deep".