Artist Bio:

Marco was born in the city of Guayaquil Ecuador in January 19th 1982. Started playing drums at the age of 14. His principal influences were classic rock, pop, heavy metal but, as he grew up, tried different and more technical styles such as progressive rock, jazz fusion, jazz and latin jazz developing his drumming style based on four-limb independence and a neat, subtle but powerful technique. In 2014 founded his own drum organization named ‘MCDRUMS’ that includes a specialized drum school, a drum store and a drum studio, nowadays ‘MCDRUMS’ is one of the most important drum organizations in Ecuador with an international projection. Marco have dedicated his career playing as independent drummer, clinician and instructor, have inspired and influenced young drummers around the country, and still do.

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INSTAGRAM: @mcdrums_ec
INSTAGRAM: @mcorreart
PERISCOPE: @mcorreart