DJ Amott Independent

Artists Facts:

Nationality: USA
Artist Since:2007

Artist Bio:

DJ Amott is a 4th generation professional drummer who hails from London, England and has been playing ever since he can remember. My dad started teaching me when i was four, I used to have a kit with a plastic brick resting on the bass drum pedal. He studied professionally under RICHARD BEASLEY (drummer for GARY NEWMAN) and JOE BARBOSA III (from QUEEN ADREENA, CAPE FEAR and BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE). He joined punk band ROOKEY in 2002, followed by Reading, UK rock band NOVASTATE the following year. He then joined THE NO-ONES where he released several successful singles and the notorious ALCOHOLIDAY album which was subsequently used by the BBC in the UK. He's enjoyed a lot of time as a studio and session drummer but truly comes alive when performing on stage.