Chris Pennie Fight Mannequins

Artists Facts:

Nationality: U.S.
Influences:My Parents | John Williams, Dustin O Halloran, Clint Mansell, Chas Smith the sound sculptor | The constant lifelong pursuit of learning and enjoying music!!
Mac or PC:Mac
iPhone or Android:iPhone
Twitter or Facebook:Neither
Favorite Food:Thai Fresh Rolls
Favorite Drink:White Russian
Favorite Car:Triumph TR-3
Favorite TV Show:Breaking Bad, Lost, Homeland
Favorite Band:Peter Gabriel, Bon Iver, Jonsi, Bjork, Bernard Herrman, Michael Giacchino
Favorite Song:Boy in the Bubble (Peter Gabriel version) WASH (Bon Iver) Sinking Friendships (Jonsi)
Favorite Hobby:Making my own instruments, mocking up Shostakovich Symphony 8 movement 3, basketball, baseball,
Favorite Chartoon Character:Video Game Character Solid Snake
Beatles or Stones:Beatles
Ketchup or Mustard:Ketchup
Boxers or Briefs:None FREEBALL BABY

Artist Bio:


Gear Rider